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General Rules
  • Don't expose anyone's personal information
    • Don't reveal personal information about any users without their express permission
  • No asking for staff
    • If you wish to apply for staff, complete a Helper or Builder application.
  • No DDoS threats or similar
    • DDoS threats are not taken lightly. Do not threaten to DDoS anyone.
  • No Scamming
    • Do not trick anyone else into giving yourself money, whether in-game or real. You must give the payer what was promised to them in return for what they give you, every time.
  • No Inappropriate Content
    • Whether on the forums or in-game, do not use an inappropriate username, write anything inappropriate on signs, type anything inappropriate in the chat, or build inappropriate structures.
  • No Refunds
    • If you purchase anything from an official webpage, you will most likely not be refunded unless an error was made on our side. Exceptions may apply, however.
  • Use common sense. Rules are subject to change
    • Use common sense. Don't try to exploit or find loopholes in these rules.
Chat, Discord, and Forum Rules
  • Don't spam
    • Don't repeat the same message(s) multiple times in a short timespan.
  • Courtesy
    • Be nice to other players.
    • Do not excessively tag users in the Discord.
    • Be a good sport. Avoid saltiness, hackusating, etc.
  • No Swearing/Profanity/Racism/Bullying/Harassment/Homophobia
    • Respect other players. Everyone is human.
    • Keep the chat and forums kid-friendly. Don't use inappropriate words. This includes abbreviations.
    • Bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute.
  • No advertising
    • ​​​​​​​Do not tell players to join another server.
    • It is OK to simply state the name of another server.
  • No unrelated links
    • ​​​​​​​Do not post irrelevant links.
    • You may post content related to Arim/Minecraft.
​​​​​​​Game Rules
  • No hacking, hacked clients, or illegal mods
    • ​​​​​​​Do not use hacked clients. A hacked client is any client-side modifications that may grant an illegal advantage over other players.
    • View our approved mods list for info about what mods are specifically allowed.
      • Administrators will determine whether a mod not listed on the approved mod list may grant an illegal advantage.
      • It is still bannable to use a hacked client without using any of its illegal modifications.
  • No macros or keybinds that affect gameplay
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The use of macros or keybinds that affect gameplay in a way in which the user has an unfair advantage is prohibited. Macros/keybinds can be used if they only print a message into the chat, for example.
  • No Combat-Logging
    • ​​​​​​​Never leave your current game, including by disconnecting, if you are in battle or about to be in battle. This includes using /hub or other teleportation commands to combat-log.
  • No Targeting
    • ​​​​​​​Blatant targeting will be punished.
    • Targeting is allowed when the target has a bounty on their head.
  • No exploitation
    • ​​​​​​​Don't find loopholes in gameplay mechanics or the rules. We reserve the right to punish players for actions we deem worthy of punishment.
  • No Stats boosting
    • ​​​​​​​You may not use an alt account, or a friendly player, to boost your stats. This rule applies when you continuously kill a friendly player or alt account to gain pvp rewards and statistics. You will be punished if you are obviously guilty of this rule.
  • No lag machines
    • You may not create contraptions designed to lag the server.

      Approved Mods
      • Optifine
      • LabyMod (Does not include all LabyMod mods, only default LabyMod.)
      • The 5zig Mod versions 3.3.6 and above.
      • Joystick Mods.
      • Status Effect HUDs and Armor HUDs. Generally, all HUDs that don't allow the user to view another player's health or allow the user to access information they normally wouldn't be able to. HUDs cannot provide information about other players' health, hunger, location, inventory, etc.
      • LabyMod Toggle Sneak.
      • Toggle Sneak (Non-LabyMod version).
      • Brightness Mods.
      • Better Sprint Mod.
      • Any toggle sprint mods, as long as they do not allow users to perform actions unachievable with a vanilla client.
      • Capes Mods.
      • Replay Mod and similar mods, as long as they grant no unfair advantage over vanilla players.
      • Auto-Respawn Mods.
      • Any mod that has no effect on gameplay whatsoever on Arim and grants no unfair advantage over vanilla players.